Our Values.


We are trying our absolute best to reduce waste + have sustainable practices where possible. It is super important to us that we are making steps towards lessening our footprint. 

Willelaine practices sustainability by only using glass bottles for all of our products, wrapping our postage items in Kraft bubble wrap rather than plastic bubble wrap, using Australian resources and ingredients and mailing every order in a  100% recyclable mailing bag. We also offer click and collect, and deliver our local deliveries on our lovely red cruiser push bike. 


If you have any suggestions on how we can make our practices more sustainable, we would love to hear from you at 


Bang for your Buck'

This is so important to us. Willelaine is here to help as many people as we can with their anxiety and conditions alike. Our products are such high quality that we often get asked

"Why are you so affordable?"

This is because we really want to get these products out there, helping as many people as we can. From personal experience, we know how hard it is to find good, natural products that actually work, let alone being able to easily afford them. All of our products are high quality, high standard and are all

100% Natural and Australian.

Zero animal testing

Absolutely NO animal testing goes on around here. We love animals.

Pure and Natural Ingredients.

It is so important to us that our products are 100% Natural. Our Roll ons, Diffuser Drops + Mists are 100% Naturally derived, with absolutely zero nasties, because we know nobody's got time for that.

We take pride in the fact that our customers know what they're putting on their body, diffusing in their home or misting around their family and pets. Its important to be clear on what's actually in the products you buy, and we couldn't be more transparent with you guys.

100% Natural + 100% Amazing products,

made for you.

Customer Service

We appreciate you, and we want to say thank you with fast + friendly customer service. We are always super happy to answer any questions, and if we do say so ourselves, we are pretty bloody quick. Please dont hesitate to message us any questions or queries at

willelainearomatherapy@gmail.com OR message us on Insta @willelaine.aromatherapy

Manufacturing in Australia

Every single product we sell is made in our beautiful little studio located in Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast. 

Only in Australia can we be 100% sure about what goes into them, and what therefore goes onto your skin.

We always prefer to source ingredients and components within Australia where possible to support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint, and where this is not possible we seek to find sustainable and responsible sources for our ingredients.

Research + Development

Our small (but amazing) team is constantly working to develop and refine our ranges to bring products to the market that are at the forefront of natural wellbeing. We are constantly improving our formulations making our range of products as natural and innovative as possible, as well as attractive and fresh.

Taking on board feedback

Feedback is important to us, we love hearing what you want, how you want it and everything else!  Willelaine aims to adapt and accept continuous improvement by listening to you guys, our customers. We want to be the best we can be, and really value your input. If you'd like to message us please do at